Finding A Male Style Guide Online

Gone are the days when men could just roll out of bed, throw on some old jeans and a t-shirt and go about their days without worrying about they look. Nowadays men are subject to even more style scrutiny than women. If you are stuck in a fashion rut, or have been told one too many times that you need a male style guide, read on for some great sources of fashion advice online…

There’s no doubt about it, this is the age of the metro-sexual. Looking good has never been so important to men of all ages. Fashion designers are picking up on this trend and designing more and more collections for men only. Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein are just some of the most well known men’s designers. But not everyone can afford designer clothes, what’s a man on a modest budget to do when he needs clothes? Shopping around isn’t really an option when you feel like clothes shopping is the fun equivalent of a dental visit.

Finding the best male style guide:

If you are totally baffled by the selection of clothes in the shops, you aren’t alone. Most men find it difficult to even enter a shop with the intention of buying clothes and many go as far as to allow the women in their lives to buy all their clothes. Reclaim your individuality and start selecting your own clothes with some great style advice from the Internet.

Choosing where to get your fashion advice:

If you are looking for a comprehensive male style guide, the Internet is filled with great resources. From men’s fashion magazines, to designers’ websites, to online shops, to blog the Internet is filled with all kinds of great fashion ideas and advice.

But how do you know where to start when navigating the Internet for style help? Your best bet when it comes to male fashion advice is to browse the many men’s magazines online. Your favorite magazine probably has a great fashion section online, and as an added bonus you can click through and order many of the items without leaving the comfort of your home!

There’s nothing quite like knowing you look like a million dollars, heads turning, women swooning… With the help of a good male style guide, you too can look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine, and have those women swooning at you.

Writing Fashion Articles Is Easy And Fun!

We all know that fashion is an enormous industry to talk about, and when it comes to writing fashion articles, you want to ensure that you can create vibrant and interesting content for your targeted readers!

Good fashion writers create a buzz on the latest fashion apparel and accessories, and they quickly create many trends! When you start to utilize the same skills these professional authors use, you can easily become the authority in your desired field.

Whether you’re creating a fashion article for a clothing review, runway event, and even a new up-and-coming designer looking to get some exposure, to make sure you develop the best article possible, there are some steps that should be taken to make your content become attractive to your reading audience.

Human Emotions Are What Creates Trends, And Drives The Fashion Industry!

I’m sure you have read several of the top fashion magazine articles, and if you pay close attention, you will certainly notice the message they are trying to convey! The obvious message that many of us pick up is that select fashion designers and clothing companies are selling the vision of how good you would look in their apparel, which is a message that would motivate me to buy their product, but that’s not the primary message.

When you read their articles with detailed attention, they are trying to hit on the individual reader’s emotions that we all dream of, and that’s being someone else! Many will deny this comment if you brought it up in a conversation, but it’s a true fact, that at some point in your life you would like to be someone else, whether it be a Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson, or the lead singer of your favorite band, and smart fashion conscious writers jump on this emotion very quickly!

Human emotions are what drive product sales, whether it’s selling clothing, or new cars. We know what we need, but sometimes we not always know what we want. You as a fashion writer will be utilizing your writing skills and knowledge to capitalize on these human emotions, and tell them why they should buy an unknown designer’s Maternity Fashion, or why they should purchase brand name handbags from your web site that are available in every shopping mall in America.

Answer All The Readers Questions, And You’re One Step Closer To Winning Them Over!

When I search for information on the Internet, my goal is to have many questions answered, whether I’m searching for intimate apparel for my wife, or a good pair of jeans for my casual nights out on the town. However, if you tell me the jeans are 100% cotton, they come in many styles and colors, and they’re a really good bargain if purchase them here online, chances are I would be saying to myself, tell me something I don’t already know, and I already read three other articles saying the same thing.

I would rather read that these incredible one of kind jeans were exclusive to your company or website (if they truly are, no fibbing now), or they’re a new designer’s fashion creation that is taking the clothing industry by storm, and when you put a pair of these uniquely designed and extremely comfortable jeans on, they will make my waist look several inches smaller, and feel extremely comfortable using only 100% of the worlds finest cotton. If you have a pair of those jeans, drop me a line and I will buy a pair of them, or maybe even two if you have several colors available!

Remember that emotion drives our economy, and even though we know what our necessities are, we want to look and feel better, and we want the items to help us achieve this goal! When you start to figure out all the human emotions that create our impulses to buy certain desired attire and name brand accessories, you will have the writing success that will be unstoppable on the fashion article runway!

The Wonders Of Data Cables

I can still think back to the time when by best pal got in for a formal job interview. It was her age old wish for this sort of chance to arise and wishes everthing will come out the way she favored it to. Who could blame her when in fact becoming an editor for a celebrated fashion magazine had been her lifelong wish. Rather than taking heed to the instructor when we were still in college, she would in secret read through Vogue and read about fashion, beauty points, celebrity chit-chat and more. I reckon it was because of her influence that I took up Journalism also.

When the big day finally arrived, she woke up really early (I am dubious if she even slept at all!), lathered herself with the best perfume and put on a Gucci business clothes. Overall, she was clothed for success. She was really overexcited that she ended up an hour before the schedule. She then came up to the individual in-charge at the reception area, introduced herself and told the lady that she was scheduled for an interview. The receptionist looked at the list for her name, smiled, and asked for her CV and her recent picture. To her surprise, she found out that in her anxiousness to go to the venue for the interview, she forgot to bring all of her important documents with her.

Luckily, I was just a few blocks away from where shes at and I rushed to aid her, well, before she cries in front of everyone else. I brought my laptop and asked her to make another resume again. An abyss, void of anything – that was her. It seemed as if her brain and all her faculties ceased to function. So instead of making another CV we got one from her email but then again theres another problem. Her CV doesn’t include her recent photograph.

Do you have a picture in your mobile phone? A lady asked; who I believe was eavesdropping on our conversation. My friend nodded yes. But I was a little bit reluctant if we can accomplish it. How in God’s name will we be able to transfer a picture from a phone to a computer w/o Bluetooth? My mind ran back and forth thinking of a solution.

And then it hit me: DATA CABLE. The lady fortunately let us borrow hers and it practically saved my friends life. Minute as it may look but this tool works wonders. One can connect her mobile phone as a wireless modem to a computer or laptop and access internet from anywhere through the use of an inexpensive data cable. The latter provides communication between the mobile phone and the computer. Files such as pictures, documents, movies, etc. can be transfered in this way. Pretty neat!